Tuffnells are delighted to be working with Solent Plastics, a 3rd generation family business who stock everything box related – from Plastic Storage Boxes, Containers, Crates and other storage products for every application to a wide range of areas, from schools to government offices. The businesses represent an exciting development for Tuffnells, as we provide our service to an increasingly varied pool of clients and industry sectors. We’ve had a great start to working with Solent Plastics businesses and are looking forward to developing our relationship with them further.

We caught up with Ben Butcher, Director, to learn a little more about the brand of Solent Plastics.


You are a fellow heritage brand going back since 1928 – nearly as old as Tuffnells! Can you tell us a bit more about what you offer?

We here at Solent Plastics offer the largest variety of storage solutions on the UK market today. From a box you can fit in your pocket, to a box you can fit in yourself, we offer it and can deliver even same day. Our full range suits in every industry and home, from weathertight storage for your loft to trays for pizza dough!


What would surprise people about boxes in general?

People are always surprised by the staggering range of types and colours of containers and solutions we can offer, 1200+ available off the shelf!


You also export globally – what kind of clients are picking up boxes?

Both individuals and businesses from all over the world have ordered from us, from an exclusive hotel in the Maldives to a community radio station in South Sudan, we are staggered at where our boxes end up!


Why did you choose Tuffnells for your deliveries?

Tuffnells have a fantastic long-standing reputation for delivering items on time and in a transparent manner. This really suits our business aims and name for great customer service. We have worked with numerous delivery companies in the past however the great service which we were informed of was too enticing!


How has the experience been so far?

From our first communication to system and collection implementation, the process has been both smooth and easy to deal with. We have been helped every step of the way by our fantastic local depot and all communication has been first rate. Delivery companies receive a very bad reputation, some deserve it and some don’t. Tuffnells, however, have delivered everything they have promised whilst offering an exceptional service, it can be done well and Tuffnells proves it!