Chris Ward, MD of Tuffnells has plans to invest over £25m in the training, health and safety and development of the Tuffnells brand.

Chris Ward, who took the position of MD in 2015 has been keen to push investments in the business.

"Whilst other carriers are in a state of flux, with mergers, falling stock prices and acquisitions making the sector seem volatile, at Tuffnells, there is no uncertainty around our stability.  We were bought by the £bn turnover Connect Group in 2014, and ever since we have grown in strength, with rising stock prices, increased customer satisfaction levels and huge investments, such as the £25m we put into our fleet, and the £2m in training, safety and development.

Our service is stronger than ever and we continue to improve everything we do to give our customers the very best experience possible. We’ve just launched a brand new ‘MyTuffnells’ customer area. MyTuffnells is available to all registered customers and allows customers to quickly and easily monitor their own deliveries.  Our enhancements now recognise every returning customer, giving an ‘at a glance’ summary of today’s consignments, the ability to reveal the acceptance signature for every order as well as news, advice, and a quick way to get IT support.

I believe this is yet another step towards making a real customer-centric organisation.
Importantly –we’re making real investments in our people. A brand new £3.3 million Sheffield depot is already being built, and we’re working hard to reward the colleagues who stay with Tuffnells and make a real difference.  The future looks incredibly bright."