Technology at Tuffnells

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We've built our business offering a professional service based on open, honest communication with our local teams who are committed to getting to know our customers.

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Our ePOD system gives you real-time information on all your completed and outstanding deliveries.

It's designed to give you a full proof of delivery within five minutes of the delivery or collection being completed. And it can also give detailed information on deliveries which have been left without a signature - including drivers' notes or on-site photographs.

This system also lets your customers add any additional comments while they're filling in the signature.

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Depot Track & Trace & Overhead Scanning

Did you know that you can always follow a delivery in real time, using your consignment's own unique generated barcode, from pick-up to drop-off - and all points in between? It's all thanks to our handheld scanning and overhead scanning capability.

You can track your delivery using: Ezeelink Remote, or - whatever's easiest for you. Why not speak to us to find out which method suits you?

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We've brought together different data processing methods to smooth the flow of information from your back office and our own despatch system.

This integration reduces the need for repeated data entry into our despatch software - so it's a quicker, more cost-effective way of working.

Fewer points of data entry and human interaction also limit the chance of user error!

For example, you can create a TXT or CSV file which contains all the consignment information you'd usually enter manually onto our despatch software. This file can then be automatically imported into our despatch software - meaning our software can automatically create labels, print a paper manifest and transmit the data to our servers - easy and free!

Why not speak to use to find out more?

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My Tuffnells

Visit the MyTuffnells website and you can instantly access all current and historical data relating to your deliveries. By using unique references, this is the perfect system to keep an eye on any deliveries throughout the day or night.

We recognise when you last logged in and give you easy access to your local depot. No more hunting around for that business card or email!

We also give you a visual, 'at a glance' summary of today's consignments and in depth 'click to view' function. That means in just a few clicks you can see what's out for today, what's arrived, and you can even see the signature for a certain order.

It's also the best place to go to access any new documents, to check on any IT requests or even see the fuel index for the day. We think MyTuffnells system is the best way to stay connected to your consignments!

If you want to learn more, speak to us today!

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Bi-directional trunking

This is one of our smarter ways of working which makes sure a parcel is handled the least possible number of times - significantly reducing the risk of damage.

It also helps us carefully plan and co-ordinate better, which is how on a nightly basis, we can make over 1,600 inter-depot connections, cover over 70,000 miles and exchange over 3,000 loads.

We trunk in one of three ways:

  • Direct - everything loaded at the collection depot is taken directly to the delivery depot
  • Thru - everything loaded at the collection depot for delivery depot will go via 1-2 other depots to make the connection possible
  • Cross decked - all multiple destination or smaller volume loads arriving at the collection depot are sent to individual depots. These are then consolidated and sent to the delivery depot via one of our cross decking hubs.

Basically, we can be a direct carrier or a hub and spoke system. Our complete infrastructure, with three different options, gives greater flexibility, more efficiency and a more cost effective service.

If you'd like to know more about the ways we work, get in touch!

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