Tuffnells’ ESG Charter

At Tuffnells, our motto is “people who care”. We care about delivering a great service for our customers. We also care about doing the right thing: for the environment, within our communities and for our team members.

Tuffnells’ ESG charter recognises that a sustainable environment, a thriving community and ethical trading are essential to our success and that of future generations.

Our Go Green Goals

Known as the ‘Big Green Parcel Machine’, Tuffnells transports goods on behalf of businesses across the UK. Our Go Green Goals recognise that, like all carriers, we have a responsibility to work sustainably towards a greener future. Our long-term commitment as an organisation is to reach carbon neutrality, supported by our Go Green Goals:

  • Leaner, greener, cleaner
    We are committed to assessing, trialling and adopting greener and more fuel-efficient vehicles as the technology matures within our sector. We employ route optimisation to reduce journey times and emissions.
  • Heat, lights, sites
    We will continue to upgrade the facilities across our network, such as lighting and heating, to meet the latest energy-efficient standards.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
    Tuffnells’ waste management processes across the business will continue to focus on waste reduction and the reuse or recycling of materials.

A commitment to our communities

With a large network spanning the UK, we are passionate about investing in the many communities in which we live and work. We’re committed to expanding our community programmes and support in the following ways.

  • Volunteering
    We will provide our team members with time away from the business to volunteer for the causes they feel most passionate about.
  • Charity support and partnerships
    We provide support for individual charitable fundraising activities, build sponsored partnerships with local community organisations and, where possible, prioritise local sourcing.
  • Our internal community
    Our Values underpin our culture, helping to foster a strong sense of community and engagement within our workplace.
  • An employer of choice
    Committed to being an employer of choice, fostering an environment of diversity and building an inclusive place to work.

Good governance

We are a responsible business, operating with high standards of ethics and integrity. Good governance is at the heart of our decision-making, whether when considering a pension provider, ensuring the integrity of our supply chain partners or prioritising the safety of our teams and the communities we serve.

  • Health & Safety
    Our culture is about making health and safety a priority. We use data to review standards and make evidence-based improvements for all.
  • An ethical supply chain
    We continually monitor, strengthen and improve our supply chain to ensure that strong ethics are applied in our processes at every stage.
  • Legal & Regulatory
    It is our duty to ensure the highest levels of legal and regulatory compliance are adopted by all Tuffnells’ team members and those we work with. Where we contract with third-parties, we will ensure legal obligations are in place to guarantee an ethical and transparent supply chain.

Tuffnells’ ESG steering group meets frequently throughout the year to formulate proposals and make recommendations to the Executive Board.

We regularly review and adapt our approach in line with new knowledge, insight and industry recommendations, and we are committed to communicating and promoting our positive initiatives, both within our organisation and externally.

Chris Tresadern, CEO

April 2022