Online retailer of garden, home and leisure Wido Limited has been working with our team at Tuffnells for over 3 years and currently ship thousands of big, long and bulky #parcels and #freight through our network, thanks to our closely-aligned partnership. Since we introduced Wido to our specialist transport services in 2016, their turnover has grown to over £10m.


Today, the largest challenge is forecasting the delivery resource required as this can increase by x2 x3 or even x4 from day to day and week by week, this is even higher in the summer peak.  Over 80% of customers expect next day delivery and as such, this places high pressure on their supply chain.  Tuffnells were able to offer competitive speedy delivery solution to their customers for outsize products that other carriers could not handle.


Wido believes that “Tuffnells are a valued partner, who offer a balanced delivery solution to our business (IE Cartons and Pallets) We cannot always forecast exact resource requirements because of the nature of the business we are in (spikes in business are often unexpected and we have to react in 24 hours) and it is good to have a business partner who works hard to try and help us manage such difficult trading periods”