Worldwide Delivery

Looking for an international delivery service? We offer reliable international delivery with a range of services that can give you the speed or value you need. Working with trusted delivery partners, we offer the same great Tuffnells experience, wherever your consignment is being sent. 

Our Worldwide delivery options?

  • We can deliver via Air through Fedex for items up to 50kg - either actual or volumetric (whichever is the greater) and up to 270cm long with a girth not exceeding 330cm. For all other items we have a dedicated broker, enabling us to offer competitive pricing.
  • We can also deliver via sea through our dedicated broker for larger shipments only

Which method is right for me?

Nearly all shipments will travel outside of the EU via air, offering quicker transit times, competitive rates, ease of tracking and customs clearance charges (excluding taxes and duties) included in the price.

Transit times to for parcels can be as little as two days, depending on where exactly in the country you’re shipping to.  Sending parcels to gateway cities can take 2 – 5 days, customs delays notwithstanding.

In the example of a 20kg parcel being sent outside of the EU, you can expect the following times of transit and average costs:

  • USA 2-3 days Est at £102
  • China  4-5 days Est at £149
  • Australia 4-5 days Est at £149

How do collections work?

  1. To order a Worldwide delivery, please email for a quote.
  2. You can then book your shipment on your normal Tuffnells system
  3. When your items are packed, label your shipment and give it to your regular collection driver
  4. Tuffnells will do the rest!

Tracking a worldwide delivery

If your shipment has travelled with Fedex, you can track your shipment on the Fedex website with a unique tracking number that can be provided to you. If your shipment has travelled via our broker we will advise you all of the tracking options available at the time of booking.

Why choose us?

  • Delivery available to any destination in the world
  • Up to 50kg per parcel to all destinations via air as standard
  • Bespoke quotes available for unusual and large shipments
  • Includes tracking, named confirmation of delivery, and compensation cover
  • A dedicated customer service team to help you with any queries or question
  • Compensation included
  • Proof of Delivery included
  • Tracking included

Just email with your requirements and we will help you to pick the service that best suits your shipment needs. If you need any further information and would like to speak to a friendly representative, do not hesitate to contact the International Customer Service team on +44(0)330 838 0448.