The easy way to arrange deliveries and collections


Discover Ezeelink – the easy way to create consignment orders, available through our web-based platform known as Ezeelink WEB  or our unique desktop software called Ezeelink Remote.

Ezeelink WEB is a simple, user-friendly website that allows the manual creation of consignments, alongside label and paper manifest creation.

Ezeelink.Remote has all the same manual entry function as the WEB version but also includes an automatic File Import feature that allows our software to Integrate with your Warehouse Management Systems. The Integration process is a free service we offer to all TPE Customers, please contact for details.

We provide everything you need to get started

As well as free integration, we also offer free training and support. We’ll provide you with all the stationery you need based on your predicted order volumes, and give you a GK420D Zebra label printer.

Quickly and simply create labels

We’ve made an easy to use system that makes arranging deliveries and collections really simple. Select from any of your accounts and create labels for all our delivery services, including Next day, timed deliveries, Eire, Europe and rest of World, as well as Fastbak and Fast4ward with just a few clicks.

Save time with our handy tools

Our full postcode gazetteer search on Ezeelink WEB makes inputting addresses easier than ever, and Ezeelink even prompts you to save addresses to your own address book to save you even more time.

Tell us what you need

Instead of auto-generating a consignment reference for you, Ezeelink will allow you to use your own back office order numbers so they can be used as a tracking reference. This will save time and eliminate the need to pass data back from our despatch software in order to match your own references with ours. We accept alphanumeric references as long as they are 9 characters or less!

Let us deliver your way

We can ensure any special instructions show on the label and make their way to the delivery driver. If you’re part of our ‘leave unattended service’ where items can be left with a neighbour, carded as attempted or left in a safe place with a photograph, we will make sure this information reaches the delivery driver so you don’t need to. A special text box allows you to add in additional information for the delivery, which flags up on our driver’s devices – meaning they can’t deliver without reading this critical information.

You can also use this space to add in any information that helps in your warehouse.

Automatic functions

If you have a way of working, let us help. We can help by applying automatic consignment numbering to all your orders (allowing you to pick the prefix or suffix). Maybe you’d like to automatically print each label after adding in an order? That’s no problem for us.

Quick amends and label reprints

Need to change an order, delete a consignment or print a new label? We offer these features at the click of a button.

Keep an eye on your consignments

Our consignment summary screen gives you a quick at a glance view of your day’s consignments and our print manifest is there as a back-up in case tech ever goes awry- storing the details of all your created orders in one physical copy.

Quickly label for promotional specials

If you want to create identical postage labels for deliveries of the same size consignments to multiple addresses across the UK, you’ll love our ‘copy consignment’ function available on our Ezeelink software. This smart feature allows you to print the same label hundreds or thousands of times with the click of a button – just let us know the addresses you need to reach. We’ll even guide you through the simple to use address importing function.

Create orders ahead of time

Our Ezeelink remote features include ‘On Hold’ which allows your imported consignments to be placed into an ‘On Hold’ status. This means that the data has been created on the software but it is not a live consignment. This is perfect when you have batch loads of data to be imported and released only when the goods have been picked. Any consignment data still in the ‘On Hold’ status at the end of the day will automatically roll over to the next day.

Which system is right for me?

Ezeelink WEB – Our web platform can be accessed at and requires a label printer. Ezeelink web is the best option for smaller businesses that have a good internet connection and are able to handle manual data imputing.

Ezeelink Remote – For businesses who send a lot of consignments and would benefit from complete automation we recommend the Ezeelink Remote software.  Our Remote software is a locally installed, SQL based software that is able to import both TXT and CSV formats, whilst also being able to poll a folder location of your choice. When the software is polling it will pick up files dropped into that location almost instantly and produce the labels upon a successful import. The software will also run a Transmit routine every so often to send the data through to our servers.

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